Consulting regarding on how to starting a company in Poland is the advisory course for entrepreneurs, business leaders and anyone else who would like professional consultant advice regarding starting a company in Poland.Startup in Poland consulting

It is a personal consulting session 1 to 1, which extends over 6 months with 1 session per month. In each session, we discuss among other subjects how it goes with the last set goal and also how you as a company can reach the next goal. Book it now!

It can be a very specific goal or an overall goal with several sub-goals. For example your overall goal may be to get an office in Poland. A sub-goal may for example be to find out where it would be best to have your first office in Poland.

Of course it is also possible that from the beginning we agree that I will advise you from start to finish to get your company established in Poland.

If you are a team of 2 to 10 people who would like to participate in the startup a  business in Poland course then you can do that as well.


The Startup in Poland consulting course is for you who:

Feel that it is difficult to start your business adventure in Poland.

Not sure that your business idea(s) would be successful in Poland.

Have little or no knowledge of what you need to do to become successful with your Polish company.

Has little or no network in Poland.

How will the consulting be preformed?

In the first session we will together lay out a plan for your company’s goals in Poland and how they are to be achieved in practice and how quickly. It takes place either via Zoom and each online session lasts approximately one hour at a time. How long the session takes depends on how complicated and how big a topic it is as well as how many people participate in the sessions.

In each session we will look at how it goes with reaching the last month’s sub-goals. What problems have you encountered and how can they be solved as well as what went well and how you can use it in the future.

Then we will focus on the next sub-goal and/or maybe you have a more current problem etc that you would like to discuss.

It is also possible that a local lawyer will be involved in specific areas of your business. In that case we will use one from my network of lawyers who are specialists in their field (please note their fees are not included in the price). You will of course be told about this before the next session.

But maybe you do not need many consulting sessions, but “just” one or a few sessions. If so then I suggest you will read more about Business in Poland via the link. Book that here.

The advantages of startup a business consulting course includes:

You will receive advices from someone who has lived and has run businesses in Poland since the spring of 2008.

You get access to my entire network, which is spread all over Poland and in different industries.

Goals are set that allow your company to get started quickly on the Polish market.

With my advices you will avoid making the most typical startup mistakes in Poland.