When I early in April 2008 moved to Cracow to start a recruitment firm together with 2 other people I did not know much about Poland and even less about doing business in Poland. That and much more have changed during the years.Lecture about Business in Poland


Different companies and cities in Poland

I have since lived in 3 different regions and cities in Poland in total and had an event company, webshop with Scandinavian designed products incl. Furniture.

Today I run my consultant firm from Warsaw and are passing on my knowledge about the do’s and don’ts regarding doing business in Poland.


I have learned a lot and hear my story I will tell you about:

* What are the biggest challenges when you are doing business in Poland.

* What are the best aspects regarding doing business in Poland.

* How has business in Poland and Poland changed during the years.

* How is the Polish business culture.

* How to start up the best way in Poland.

* How to deal with the Polish language barrier.

And much more. 

I will, among other things, tell stories from my own business life and life in general in Poland that you can learn from. The lecture is of course seen from my point of view and will give you an insight into how it is to do business in Poland and what you must be aware about before starting up on the Polish market.

Lecture length and other details

The lecture will take from 60 minutes to 70 minutes and of course there will be time for questions afterwards for 15-30 min. It can be in English or Danish plus via a webinar fx. via Zoom fx or offline.

For booking and further details you can write to me at info@bizinpoland.com. I have also other lectures you can book; E-commerce in Poland – the does and dont´s and about networking in Poland. You can of course also book an appointment for my consulting services.

If you are interested in business in Poland, I highly recommend that you will start reading about business news in Poland on https://news.bizinpoland.com