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Business consulting regarding the Polish market

Do you have a specific problem you want to solve or get more information about a topic concerning your company in Poland, for example about subcontractors in Poland etc.? In that case I would recommend you to book me for an hour of Business in Poland consulting.Business in Poland consulting

Several topics regarding business in Poland can of course be addressed in one of these sessions. Of course, it depends on the topic and how extensive it is.

Do you have e.g. very specific issues such as specific legislation within a niche and I do not know it right away, I will investigate it without additional payment and/or refer you to one of my many contacts in my huge network.

If you want help with the many different details in connection with starting a company in Poland, you should book the Startup in Poland consulting option.


How is Business in Poland consulting performed

Before the session it is best that you write to me at or about which topic (s) you would like to have discussed and preferably a few days in advance. You can also use the chat feature that you will find on all pages and articles.

Then I will prepare my feedback for you and in this way we ensure that the session is used in the most effective way for you and your company. It is always 1 to 1 sessions unless otherwise selected (see below).

The consultation always takes place online either via Zoom or Skype. The session is for a maximum of 1 hour and your investment is 84,59 Euro plus VAT (no VAT if your company is registered within the EU minus Poland).

Can more people attend a Business in Poland consulting session?

As a starting point all consulting sessions are 1 to 1 sessions. But maybe you have one or more business partners who would like to participate. In that case, the price is 336 Euro plus VAT (no 23 percent Polish VAT if your company is registered within the EU minus Poland).

The session for teams takes place in the same way as one-on-one sessions, except that team sessions can take up to 1 1/2 hours. This is because there must be room for more questions, etc. and with more participants, it obviously takes more time than at the 1 to 1 Business in Poland consulting sessions.

The price is the same whether you are 2 or 10 participants. If you are more than 10 people it can also be arranged. You can then contact me and we will arrange the details.


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