Poland has in many years been synonymous with IT and IT outsourcing. The main reasons are highly educated people for a lower salary than most other countries plus Poland’s location in the heart of Europe.  But the IT sector in Poland is also changing in these years. I have worked in this area for many years in Poland and now also as an IT consultant.Lecture regarding IT in Poland and IT outsourcing to Poland


In this IT in Poland and outsourcing lecture I will talk about that plus:


  • What is the pros and cons regarding outsourcing IT to Poland ?
  • How and where to find IT specialists in Poland?
  • How do you as a company attract IT specialists in Poland ?
  • How has the pandemic influenced the IT sector in Poland ?
  • In which cities are the best chances to find an IT specialist in Poland ?
  • Where is the Polish IT sector in 5-10 years  ?

Plus much more

How long will the lecture be?

It will approximately 45-50 min. long with 10-15 min. afterwards where people can ask questions related to the subject. This lecture can also be combined with one of the other lectures if you would like that. We can of course discuss how etc.

Online lecture or in person ?

Just like my other lectures that I offer, the lecture can be in person or online plus be in English or Danish. The price of course differs also if it is in person in Poland or outside of Poland. But contact me for further details fx at info@bizinpoland.com