Almost all my companies in Poland have been around E-commerce in one way or another. I had a webshop selling Scandinavian designed products and on my event company website customers could order the events. E-commerce in Poland

Today you can book and pay for my consulting appointments regarding the Polish market.

From a seller and customer perspective

Moreover I have of course been an online customer since I started to live here back in the Spring of 2008. In other words I have known E-commerce in Poland both from a seller and customer perspective since 2008!

In the lecture I will talk about:

* How many online shoppers are there in Poland.

* What are the best webhotels and payment gateways in Poland.

* What are the biggest challenges regarding E-commerce in Poland.

* How has E-commerce in Poland changed during the years.

* How is the Polish online customer behaviour.

* What are the must have and good to have functions in a Polish webshop. 

* How to reach the almost 38 mio. Customers in Poland.

* How does the future look for E-commerce in Poland.

And much more. The lecture gives you information so you can start up in Poland or expand your webshop to the Polish market.  

More details about this lecture

This lecture will take approximately 60 – 70 min plus there will be the possibility for Q and A in 15-30 min depending on the number of questions etc. 

It can be in either English or Danish just like the other lectures that I am offering. It can be online as a webinar or in person. You can book the lectures by writing to me at and of course you can also write me for more details before booking the lecture.

Consulting expanding your webshop to Poland

Do you consider to expand to the Polish market but need the tools and to consult one with a lot of experince ? Then book an appointment now so you soon can reach almost 38 mio customers. You can of course also contact me for more information regarding my consulting services.