Below you can book an appointment after your choice and get the key to almost 38 mio. customers in Poland and almost 6 mio in Denmark! You can pay via the very secure Strip payment gateway and in most cases there are only a deposit to pay and then the rest has to be paid after the appointment has been held or pay the full amount at once.

Please follow the steps, you can go to next step by clicking in the right corner of the booking form (below) and if you want to go back a step you can click on the back button also in the bottom of the booking form. You can “only” book 30 days ahead. If you need to book beyond that then please contact me. More info below. Looking forward to help your business!


Prices are including VAT, if your company is registered in EU (excluding Poland) you of course will not be charged for that (refunded). If you prefer to pay via a banktransfer then please contact me at info@bizinpoland.com for futher details incl. getting an invoice before paying also for referral to lawyers, accountants etc. Those you can get right away after paying.  Read also more on the terms and conditions page.

Consulting session held via Zoom or in Warsaw

The meetings booked below are all via the video meeting software Zoom and will be held either in English or Danish. Important! please notice that the time is in Warsaw,Poland timezone! Have that in mind when booking!

You can book it below and if there is no time slot that suits you then just write me an email and we will find the time.

Meetings can be held offline and that will be in Warsaw. If you want the consulting sessions to be held elsewhere you will have to pay more for that service. If you have questions regarding that or any of my consulting services you can of course contact me.

But please first read the different information here on bizinpoland.com. Thanks in advance. I am looking forward to help you and your business to succeed on the Polish market.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]