Biz in Poland is your key and portal to the Polish market if you want to know more about doing business in the heart of Europe. It aims to help entrepreneurs and companies gain a foothold on the Polish market as well as provide knowledge about doing business in Poland. This both as a overall strategy level and on a practical level.square logo biz in Poland

Who is behind Biz in Poland?

I, the owner of Biz in Poland have been doing business, working and living in Poland since the spring of 2008. In addition to Biz in Poland, I work as a B2B IT consultant in Warsaw. Both parts are under the company name Søren Christensen, which is probably not surprisingly also my name.

Lived in 3 different regions in Poland

I have so far lived in 3 different cities, in 3 different regions of Poland. First I moved to Krakow from Denmark, then to Warsaw and later to Bydgoszcz and after a while I moved back to Warsaw where I live today.

In Krakow, I started with 2 other people  a company in the field of recruiting health professionals. Most of the years, however, I have spent in Warsaw, where I have had an event company and a furniture webshop as well as a website about mobiltech news.

It has given me a huge insight into Poland as well as doing business in Poland. Both are changing a lot these years. Furthermore it has given me a very large network across the country as well as a very huge knowledge, which I offer you to use so that you can succeed with your business in Poland!

I am also admin and currently the only admin for the closed group “Danes in Poland”, which is the group for Danes living in Poland.

Business consulting and sales agent

As mentioned I share my knowledge regarding the Polish market via professional online 1 to 1 consulting. The online consulting part is also possible for e.g. teams, departments, etc. I also offer to be your sales agent in Poland so you can increase your sales with a small effort and expense.

Last but not least, I occasionally writes on the blog about doing business i Poland. Which I will inform about in the newsletter, on the website as well as on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

Feel free to contact me for further information. Have a nice day.

Søren Christensen