As you know, Poland has a population of about 38 million people. It is a huge market and even a growing market, not least in terms of online trading. In addition, Poland is fx. one of Denmark’s neighboring countries. Despite this, there are many foreign companies that start out in other countries and often completely avoid entering the Polish market.Salesagent in Poland

This can be due to several factors, it may be that you do not have the right network and do not quite know how to approach it. Not least due to the language barrier despite the fact that more and more people speaks English in Poland.

Another reason may be that the individual company thinks there are too many costs associated with opening up on a new market. Especially if you are a small business.

Much of this can be handled by having a sales agent in Poland and it is a service that I also offer. I know where you and your company best can sell your products and services in Poland and what to keep in mind when selling in Poland. Need consulting? Book an appointment now.

Extensive knowledge regarding the Polish market

I have a extensive knowlegde about the Polish market. This is due to the fact that I have lived in Poland since the spring of 2008 and in 3 different regions in Poland. Moreover I have been doing business in Poland while living here.

That has being giving me a great knowledge of the Polish business conditions as well as a very large and still growing network in Poland.

Sales agent who “only” sells quality in Poland

As a sales agent in Poland, I sell “only” products and services that I like myself . Therefore it must be of a high quality and I also want to be sure that it will have a real chance on the Polish market. It is both for the sake of your business and for my own plus it would be a waste of our time.

Price and other practical details

I am just take a certain percentage from the sale of a product and/or service. The details will be decieded after our negotiations and in a written agreement. So no misunderstandings will arise. I will maximum have a handful of clients myself and if needed I will hire local and qualified staff. You are of course more than welcome to contact me for more information.

Business consulting also an option

Do you want to open a branch in Poland fx. but lack local knowledge and network to avoid most mistakes and to be sure to get a good start on the Polish market?  Then please notice that I also offer business consulting. Furthermore I also help companies to find suppliers and/or subcontractors in Poland and I am also offering consulting in this regard. You can book me for all the consulting areas regarding Polish business here!

Also sales agent in Denmark

As mentioned in the subtitel I can also help you regarding selling your products/services in Denmark as well. I am from Denmark and I have during the years done business with many Danish companies. So I have a huge network on the Danish market as well and I can of course also consult you regarding the Danish market as well.