As you might know I am originally from Denmark and therefore I am also offering all my services to also cover the Danish market as well. During my many years of doing business in Poland, I have of course done business with companies in Denmark. Moreover I of course know how and where to look for customers both b2b and in Denmark - Danish market

Many different businesses in Denmark

In Denmark there is a wide variety when it comes to businesses. One of the reasons is that there is a very good start up environment and the digitalization is one of the best in the world also when it comes to the public sector.

There are moreover many business tools for entrepreneurs in Denmark, that both directly and indirectly can help you when you are doing business with companies in Denmark. Also if you decide to start a business in Denmark or expand your business to the Danish market.

Many pros regarding the Danish market 

As mentioned, Denmark is very highly digitalized and online shopping is a full integrated part of the majority of Danish people’s daily lives. So a webshop in Denmark is a great idea also if you want to expand your market.

There can of course be a big competition but it depends on the area and is easy to handle if you have the right consultant who knows the Danish market very well as I do. Contact me for further details.

Another positive thing regarding doing business in Denmark or with Danish companies is that almost the entire population speaks English so it is very easy to communicate. 

Sometimes in Poland it is a challenge to handle the language barrier but it is of course possible as I talk about in an episode of the Biz in Poland podcast. Please listen to the podcast and subscribe.

The Danish and Polish market are both great choices 

Both the Polish and Danish markets are great choices to do business in. There are pros and cons of course regarding both markets. 

But overall it is a great idea to do business on both the Danish and Polish markets. But you need to get the right advice and knowledge from someone like myself who knows both markets very well.

Otherwise you most likely will waste time and money that could have been avoided if you got the right consultation. Therefore book a meeting now and/or write me an email ( for more information.