All consulting sessions sold on is held by Søren Christensen owner of Biz in Poland which is part of the company Søren Christensen. The company is registered in Poland under NIP (Polish VAT): 7010178625, Ul. Puławska 12/3, 02-566 Warszawa. Søren Christensen can be contacted at or by phone +48513474209.Business in Poland logo

The online transactions have been made through a recognized and encrypted gateway by Strip, so the security is top notch. Which is very important for Biz in Poland!

Conditions regarding consulting service appointments

The consulting service appointments will take place at the times chosen in the booking calendar, in connection with the purchase. Any consulting appointment held by Søren Christensen and Biz in Poland can only be booked and paid for via the booking page at unless anything else has been agreed between the customer and Søren Christensen in writing.

If the customer wants to pay and/or book an appointment in a different way he or she must write Søren Christensen at

Canceling and rescheduling consulting appointments

Should anything occur so the appointment cant be help as planned the customer will be informed min. 24 hours before the start of the session or as fast as possible.

The consulting sessions can then be rescheduled for another day and of course free of extra charge. The customer can also rescedule the apponitment 24 hours before. If so then the customer has to inform Biz in Poland in writing to and 24 hours before the appointment was schedule to take place.

If the customer cancel any booked and paid appointment he/she can of course do that but the paid deposit will then not be refunded. If the customer has paid the full amount 75 procent of the full amount will be refunded.

For longer courses, such as the Start-up in Poland course, which contains more than one session and which is postponed or interrupted must take place within 1 year from the day it is booked and purchased. Otherwise the money is not refunded.

The reason for this is that Biz in Poland cant take any other customer in that time slot and therefore needs to be compensated. Read more below under the Prices and VAT payments on

Online and offline appointments

All appointments booked on are held in Zoom a video software. Unless something else is agreed in writing and in mail to Please note that you are responsible for having a well-functioning internet and Zoom connection when the meeting takes places.

Booking time and other important information

Any appointment made on Biz in Polands booking page must be done 3 days the earlist before the choosen appointment date. As mentioned it can be reschedule 24 hours before by the customer and/or the owner of Biz in Poland (Søren Christensen). It is “only” possible to book 30 days ahead. If it is needed by the customer he or she can write Biz in Poland at and further details will be agreed.

When the booking and payment is done the appointment is pending until Søren Christensen approves it. Customer will get all the information regarding Zoom meeting details payments and booking via e-mail notifications to the e-mail provided when the customer made the booking and payment. But customer can of course always contact Biz in Poland for any questions regarding the booking and payments.

Purchasing any of the consulting services is personal and connected to the customer buying any of Biz in Polands consulting services. Therefore it can not be handed over to any other person or company. If, I contrary to expectations, have to cancel a consulting session, it will be replaced by a new appointment.

The same goes for the 15 min free online consulting and this option is one time only per customer. It is 20 min for a member of Business in Poland Mastermind group. For more details regarding this you are of course more than welcome to contact me.

Time zones and appointments on Biz in Poland

Please notice that all the time slots on bizinpoland.coms booking page are in Warsaw, Poland time zone! The customer is responsible for the choosen date and time and must be aware of the time zone issue before booking and payment are done! The appointment date can be changed the appointment day under the customer control panel.

Prices and VAT on

All prices on are incl. VAT. As Biz in Poland is owned and operated by the Polish registered company “Søren Christensen”, other companies registered within the EU do not have to pay VAT on purchases on

However, this does not apply if this company is also registered in Poland or if it is a private individual who makes the purchase. In those cases, VAT must be paid. It is Polish VAT which in that case must be paid and it is 23 percent.

Therefore you must register as a EU firm with valid VAT number if you must be refunded the 23 procent of VAT. If it is not an active VAT number, it will not be accepted!If you dont do so before the appointment you will not be entiled to the VAT refund due to bookkeeping issues.

For technical reasons, you can not initially make purchases as an EU registered company and thus avoid paying VAT. In this case you should contact me at

Deposit and full amount

Most of Biz in Poland consulting services are paid upfront in a deposit and it is 50 procent of the full amount. Before the deposit has been paid it is not possible to make any appointments with Biz in Poland.

Moreover when the appointment has been held the customer must pay the last 50 procent of the full amount. The customer will get an invoice by e-mail when the first half is paid before the appointment and an invoice for the last half of the amount.

The invoices will be send to the email adress the customer has provided when registered on The last half of the full amount must be paid after 10 business days counted from the day the invoice has been issued. If not 100 PLN will be added to the invoice.


Søren Christensen and thus Biz in Poland have all rights to the delivered digital products and all material, printed as well as digital, which is made available in relation to webinars, lectures consulting sessions. Upon purchase, the right to use and access materials is obtained.

The right of use is personal, and may not be redistributed or used in other educational contexts. All content must be treated confidentially and may not be disclosed or passed on to third parties. It may only be used for personal use. If it is a group consulting appointment it is only the attending persons who have those just decribed rights.

Products and materials may not be used for purposes other than those for which they were purchased, including they may not be used commercially in direct or indirect competition with Søren Christensen’s company. Søren Christensen and Biz in Poland may not be used for advertising or reference purposes without written permission.

Biz in Poland and Søren Christensen’s responsibility

The knowledge I pass on is collected through books, online media and through my network and experience. It is expressed in my words as well as concepts. I am also not financially responsible for the way you or your company will use or perceive the information provide by Biz in Poland and it´s owner Søren Christensen.

When you make any kind of purchase on bizinpoland and/or read/see/hear information provided by Biz in Poland and/or by owner Søren Christensen on or elsewhere, you accept the terms described in Biz in Poland’s disclaimer.

Biz in Poland’s privacy and personal data policy

Biz in Poland has a detailed privacy and personal data policy which you can read about by following the link.

Language used

These terms and conditions are, as you can read, prepared in Danish. English will also be used in both consulting appointments sessions etc. but can also be in Danish depending on the wish of each customer. However, in the nature of things, there will be words and phrases, etc. which is in Polish.

Choice of law and venue

Disputes between Søren Christensen and the customer/buyer must be settled under Polish law in Warsaw as the first instance.

© 2021 Biz in Poland by Søren Christensen. All rights reserved. Søren Christensen, Ul. Puławska 12/3, 02-566 Warszawa, NIP: 7010178625