Networking is important in every country around the globe but I believe it is even more important in Poland and even more so if you are an expat. That is my impression after living in Poland for so many years.Networking in Poland

In this lecture I will lecture about:

* Why is a network extra important in Poland.

* What is a good network in Poland.

* Where to network in Poland.

* How am I using my network.

* How to keep making yourself interesting for your network.

* How to behave in networks in Poland. 

Plus much more.

I will in the 30-40 min the lecture last come with interesting and entertaining examples from my own life here in Poland. Afterwards it will be possible to ask questions for 15-25 min. It can also very easily be combined with one of my other lectures, especially the business in Poland – do’s and don’ts lecture.

More details about this lecture

 Just like the other lectures I offer, this can be held either in English or in Danish plus either offline or via a webinar.. If you need more details regarding this lecture you are of course more than welcome to contact me and write to me at to book me.

Consulting regarding networking in Poland

If you already need information about how and where to network in Poland, you can book an appointment where I can help you with this business area in Poland. You can also read about my other consulting services before booking an appointment. More over you can do as I do and follow the business life in Poland via reading business news from Poland.