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Welcome to Biz in Poland your key to the Polish market

Welcome to Biz in Poland your key to the Polish market May 2, 2021Leave a comment
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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Biz in Poland that is the English version of the Danish website Biz i Polen. Both are part of my company called Søren Christensen named after myself.

I am offering consulting regarding the Polish market and to be your sales agent on the Polish market among other services.

Information about the Polish market

I have a huge knowledge about the Polish market and you can read about that in details on other pages on the website. Besides my consulting and sales representative services I will share information about the Polish market on this blog.

That will also include interviews with other entrepreneurs that are doing business in Poland. Moreover I will also of course inform you when I have news from my own business.

Dont miss important Polish business info

To make sure that you won´t miss any important news and other information regarding doing business in Poland I strongly recommend you to sign up for Biz in Poland´s newsletter and follow Biz in Poland on Facebook, Instagram and not least on LinkedIn.

There I will not only share posts from this blog but also information exclusive for the followers on the different social media platforms.

What would you like to know?

I of course have a lot blog posts in the pipeline, but I would like to know what you would like me to write about? Reply in the comments below or contact me.

Also do that of course if you want to book a consulting session or if you need a Polish supplier or want me to sell your products and/or services in Poland.

I hope to see you often on these pages and once again welcome to Biz in Poland!

Søren Christensen owner of Biz in Poland

Søren Christensen, Owner and founder of Biz in Poland


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