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The business culture in Poland – how is it?

The business culture in Poland – how is it? February 9, 2022Leave a comment
Business culture in Poland podcast Biz in Poland

A country’s culture and of course business culture is very important to know when you do business in that specific country at least to some extent. Therefore you also need to know the business culture in Poland and the 10 episode  of Biz in Poland podcast is about that topic.

It is of course my take on this topic. Some might have a differet look at it than me. But it is based on soon 14 years of living and doing business in Poland.

Business culture difference within Poland

As I think I have mentioned earlier, there is a difference in culture between the big cities and the countryside in Poland. That is also the case when we talk business as we do here. I am among other things talking about that difference in this episode of Biz in Poland podcast.

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