Poland is still much cheaper than Denmark and many other countries. Furthermore the level of education is high in Poland and you can find quality products as well as services in the country. Moreover Poland has a perfect location in Europe.Help with Polish suppliers

Therefore it makes very good sense to do business in Poland and/or find a supplier or subcontracter here. However it can be difficult to find and especially find the right Polish supplier and/or subcontractor in Poland. This is due to several factors.

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The challenges of finding Polish suppliers

Firstly not all Poles still speak English or languages ​​other than Polish for that matter.

Secondly there is legislation also basic Polish legislation which you must keep in mind and have knowledge of. Otherwise your business may have problems not least financially.

Thirdly as a company  you should also examine your Polish suppliers or subcontractors in relation to reputation etc. before you maybe writes a contract with the Polish supplier.

Furthermore finding the right Polish supplier or subcontractor can be very time consuming. Time you can use on other important parts of your business.

Professional consulting regarding the Polish market

I have a lot of knowledge regarding this due to my many years in Poland and experience with the Polish market. In addition to this I have a very large and constantly growing network in Poland. In other words I have the knowledge and network that can benefit you and your company. Also when you and your company are looking for a Polish supplier and/or subcontractor.

When your company makes an agreement with me and Biz in Poland, you do not commit to anything more than what we have agreed in writing. Contact me now for a non-binding offer regarding consulting Polish suppliers/subcontractor and/or book an appoitment now and get practical help in finding a Polish supplier/subcontractor.

Want to start a business in Poland?

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You can of course contact me regarding the various consultant options before you book an appointment. But please read the different pages, here on the website. There you will find more detailed information. I also offer to help you with increasing your sale in Poland.