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Now you can book a lecture also online about doing business in Poland

Now you can book a lecture also online about doing business in Poland July 19, 2022Leave a comment

I have through the years (since early 2008)gained a lot of experience regarding business in Poland by living in Poland and done my business here. Now I am sharing that knowledge in a extra way; lectures about business in Poland.

I offer 4 different lectures and they can also be online and combined. One is more in general about doing business in Poland and one is specific about IT and outsourcing in/to Poland. The third lecture is about E-commerce in Poland that in some areas are different than in other countries and it is a growing market where almost 38 mio Poles more and more often shop online.

The fourth is regarding networking in Poland. How to network in this culture etc. and it can be combined with one of the other lectures.


Lecture in English or Danish


All the lectures can be either in English or Danish. That is up to you but I need to know it in advance of course. The price differs of course, so please contact me for further information.


Expanding my knowledge and sharing it with you

I am of course always trying to expand my knowledge about the Polish market and about doing business in Poland. One way is by reading news and writing news about business news from Poland. On I am writing about it and on a daily basis. So far I have written a bit more than 500 articles since the end of February this year.

In other words that is another way for you to gain some news and knowledge about business life in Poland. You can of course also still hire me for my other services such as my consultant services.



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