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Meet Tommy who has a hunting firm in Poland with 5 full-time employees

Meet Tommy who has a hunting firm in Poland with 5 full-time employees August 29, 2021Leave a comment
business interview with Tommy from Huntingpol

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Biz in Poland will continuously bring interviews with people who run a business in Poland or have done business in Poland etc. Recently I brought the interview with a Scotsman and this time it is Tommy from Danmark that I have done a interview with. If you speaks Danish you can read it here.

Could you briefly present yourself and your business in Poland?

My name is Tommy and I am 58 years old. I am married to Sylwia and have 2 children. I have lived permanently in Poland since 1999, when I came to Poland due to work for an A.P Møller owned company. In 2005  I was headhunted to the American company Donaldson in Poland.

In 2010  I started with my wife Hunterpol (a hunting company), where we currently employ 5 full-time employees. We offer events in Poland, connected to all kinds of hunting in Poland.

Hunting and especially trophy hunting has always been of interest to me since I became a Danish hunter 42 years ago. I was one of the first Danes to be trained as a Polish hunter in the year 2001 and a member of Poland’s largest hunting club.

What do you think are the benefits of doing business in Poland?

The first thing that appeals to me is the low tax and then the fragmented VAT, which makes it easier and cheaper for private customers to shop with just our type of business. In addition, the cost of having employees is about 4 times lower compared to Denmark. Advertising and marketing, which make up a large part of my business, are also about 50% cheaper.

What do you find most difficult about doing business in Poland? The language, there are still many areas where only Polish is spoken. In addition, the rules often change during the year, for what and how we post the expenses.

What are the biggest differences between Poland and Denmark from a purely business point of view?

There are far too many rules in Denmark that make it difficult to do business, tax car, mobile phones, newspapers, taxes and all the hidden taxes / duties. If you need to set up an office in Denmark, all furniture must be approved with lifting borders, etc. The cost of having employees in Denmark is far too great. If you have to start a new small service company with some employees, the costs are far too great. In Poland you can and will be allowed to make money and keep it.

What do you think it will be like to do business in Poland in 5 years?

I do not think it will change significantly, I have now seen the same pattern in the 20 years I have been in the Polish labor market and it seems it seems. Just with the exception of language. But fortunately we see more and more people speaking good English around the country.

Do you want a specific entrepreneurship interview from Poland?

That was my interview with Tommy, the owner of Hunterpol. It was made 26 of July 2020 in Danish.

I hope it gave you an insight into what it is like to have a hunting company in Poland. Do you have a desire for me to interview people from a particular industry or a particular person? Then contact me and I will do my best to bring an interview with that particular person or within that industry.


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