I am besides being a sales agent and offering consultant services also offering lectures regarding doing business in Poland. I have lived in Poland and done business here since the Spring in 2008. So I have a huge knowledge about Poland and about doing business here and how it is different from fx. Denmark where I am from. I am also following the area closely on a daily basis and writing about business news from Poland

Lectures regarding doing business in Poland

All the lectures will give you and your team and organization an insight into Polish business life The lectures can all be in either English or Danish. It is up to you.

The lecture topics that give you value for your money: 

Business in Poland – the very good, the good, the bad and the ugly

Hear my story from the start in 2008 where I knew hardly anyone in Poland and next to nothing about doing business in Poland and about Poland itself to the present where I have a big network and huge knowledge about business in Poland.

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IT in Poland and IT outsoursing to Poland

Many companies are outsouring IT to Poland. Why is that and how is IT in Poland on a daily basis. How do you find IT specialist and where? That and much more I will cover in this lecture.

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E-Commerce on the Polish market – the does and don’ts 

There are almost 38 mio. customers and online shopping goes only one way and it is up. How to get part in the online sale and how do you start up a webshop in Poland, especially as a foreigner? What are the the does and don’ts? I am answering that in this lecure

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Networking in Poland – the does and don’ts 

How do you network in Poland, why networking has never been more important also in Poland, What is the difference in network in the cities and in the countryside especially as an expat/foreigner.

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Either offline or webinares

The lectures can be held offline even outside of Poland or online via fx. Zoom. It of course also depends on the present situations regarding the pandemic in Poland and the country where the lecture is held. 

How to book a lecture and prices

You can book a lecture by write to me at info@bizinpoland.com and please include which subject you would like me to talk about and when and where and I will reply as soon as possible. The prices for my lectures depends on the subject and if it is online or offline and it also depends if it is in Poland or abroad. 

Please notice that it is a good idea to book me several weeks before if the lecture must be held in person and outside of Poland. 

If you have any questions regarding my lectures, consulting services or sales agent service then you are of course more than welcome to contact me