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How to register your company in Poland in 2022

How to register your company in Poland in 2022 January 12, 20224 Comments

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The first thing to do when you will register a company in Poland is to decide which one of the 8 company forms you will use. Please notice that there are different rules applying to each of the eight types of company forms.

The most simple one also to register is the sole trade company form. You can read more about that company form here.

Compare the Polish company forms

If you need another one you can compare the 7 other ones in this official document from the Polish authorities. If you want the sole trade option you can register it online on this website. In this podcast episode I am also talking about how you do that.

When you register your company you need to register your type of business activity. For that purpose you need to choose a code called the PKD code. You can browse them here. Please notice that you can have more than one business activity registered under the same company.

Special rules for non EU citizens

If you are not a EU citizen then special rules applies and you can hear more about it in this episode of Biz in Poland podcast. Also regarding work and stay permits.

More information and help with registering a firm in Poland?

On the official government websites that I link to above, you can get more information. But you might need a notary, lawyer etc. for further help as I mention in this episode. Biz in Poland can help you with that and I also offer other consultant services regarding the Polish market.

Remember that you can book a one time free consulting session so you for free fx can hear how I exactly can help YOUR company with the Polish market and it´s almost 38 mio customers.


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  1. Hello.
    I am an English citizen who has a polish partner and 2 children by her. We came here last summer as we have land and are building a house.
    I have applied to stay in Poland, although I am still waiting to hear about it and to get a card that says I can stay here.
    I am a car body repairer and I am hoping to start my own business here.
    Can I still become a sole trader and work for myself in my own premises?
    Or do I have to wait until I have my residency application approved?
    Yours sincerely
    Andrew Moss

    1. Hello

      When it comes to English citizens it is a bit tricky because of the Brexit deal between UK and EU. I am not aware if you have special rules for the time being at least. I will strongly recommend you to contact a immigration lawyer regarding this and the UK embassy first. But as a non-Eu citizen you cant be a solo trader but there are other options as I mentions in this podcast episode. For more help and consulting please write me at Best regards, Søren Christensen

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