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How to find qualified employees in Poland incl tips and tricks

How to find qualified employees in Poland incl tips and tricks February 3, 2022Leave a comment

You will most likely need qualified employees when you have a business in Poland. If not when you start up then most likely after some time. But how do you find them in Poland ? Learn about that in this 9 episode of Biz in Poland podcast also some law demands and a bit about salaries etc.

There are also exclusive content for patrons regarding this subject, incl. how legally to save some money as a business in Poland.

Job boards in Poland

As mentioned there are many job boards in Poland the most popular is Pracuj and another one is fx. infopraca try to have a look at it and if you dont know Polish use Google translate fx. via the Chrome browser.

Info applicants in Poland should add when applying

As mentioned in the podcast it is important that applicants for jobs in Poland should add something like the following:

“Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych dla potrzeb niezbędnych do realizacji procesu rekrutacji (zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 10 maja 2018 roku o ochronie danych osobowych (Dz. Ustaw z 2018, poz. 1000) oraz zgodnie z Rozporządzeniem Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. w sprawie ochrony osób fizycznych w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych i w sprawie swobodnego przepływu takich danych oraz uchylenia dyrektywy 95/46/WE (RODO)).”

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If you need more help regarding finding the right employees then fx write me at or regarding any of my services. Have a nice day and good luck with the search for employees in Poland.


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