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Consulting regarding the Polish market

When you choose to hire me for consult regarding the Polish market and Poland, you are sure that it is based on both experience and knowledge. You can read about that elsewhere on the website fx on the About Biz in Poland page. But which types of consulting do I offer at Business in Poland (bizinpoland) and how does it work?Consulting regarding the Polish markcet

If you have a specific or/and minor problem you want to solve or get more information regarding a topic related to your upcoming business in Poland? In that case I recommend that you book a Business in Poland session. You can read more about Business in Poland sessions on that page.

Start-up in Poland

If you need an overall strategy for your company’s entry into the Polish market and consulting regarding starting up your company in Poland, I recommend Start-up in Poland consulting series.

It is a series of consulting sessions over 6 months, with a monthly meeting where we follow up on the challenges etc. you have encountered as well as what the next steps should be so that you get a successful start up in Poland.

Consulting sessions in practice

All consulting sessions takes place via Zoom or Skype. That is unless otherwise is agreed in advance and this applies to both Business in Poland and Start-up of company in Poland. Basically it is one to one sessions.

But maybe you have your company with a business partner or you are a small team and you need all to take part in the consulting? In that case  I also offer online consulting for teams. It is for smaller groups and with a maximum of 10 participants. If you are more than 10 people, you can contact me and we will plan it from there.

Articles about business in Poland

Moreover I also have a blog where I write about everything that is related to doing business in Poland. I will fx. have interviews with entrepreneurs that are doing business in Poland and both foreigners and Poles.

What is your specialty area within the Polish market?

Despite the fact that I have been in Poland since the spring of 2008, it is clear that I like everyone else has a specific area that I have extra knowledge about. For me it is the IT industry in Poland including online commerce.

In addition to Biz in Poland, I also work as a B2B IT consultant. I therefore of course also offer my consulting services when it comes to IT projects in/with Poland. Besides my consulting services I also offer to become your company sales agent on the Polish market.

Do you have any questions regarding that or my consulting services regarding the Polish market and Poland etc. you are of course more than welcome to contact me.


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